Turning Technologies offers online tutorials for users who want to gain a basic understanding of product features. They can be viewed at:

File Size
Hardware Settings
1:05 Min
1.23 MB
Presentation Settings
3:02 Min
3.09 MB

Creating Slides
File Size
Inserting Basic Slides
1:26 Min
1.82 MB
Converting Power Point Slides
0:33 Min
0.92 MB
Creating Picture Slides
2:00 Min
2.94 MB

Inserting Objects
File Size
Correct Answers and Indicators
0:51 Min
0.99 MB
Inserting Countdown Timers
0:46 Min
0.95 MB

Enhancing Presentations
File Size
Tracking Demographics
1:05 Min
1.33 MB
Running Competitions
3:18 Min
4.46 MB
Priority Ranking
1:38 Min
2.11 MB
Comparative Links
0:39 Min
3.87 MB

Running Presentations
File Size
Reset, Run and Save Sessions
1:37 Min
2.02 MB
TurningPoint Showbar
3:40 Min
3.14 MB
Generating Reports
2:49 Min
3.09 MB

Participant List
File Size
Creating a Participant List
2:06 Min
2.17 MB

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Best practices (Tips for Turning Point use)

Presentations and Podcasts - this links you to several podcasts to listen to on such topics as: engaging students, expected and unexpected hurdles, and pedagogical strategies.