We approach podcasting here from two vantage points.

First, we examine the procedures and strategies for using podcasting as a component of our own personal learning network. Knowing how to efficiently find and utilize the vast resources that are offered with podasting is certainly a critical skill for teacher and student alike.

Secondly, we speak to the process of taking those first steps in creating podcasts. Teachers (and more importantly students) can create rich and engaging content through this medium, especially in ways that enable and augment problem-based learning techniques.

Finding, Subscibing and Listening to Podcasts for Me and My Students

In the following modules we present tutorials on how to effectively use the most powerful resource in finding and subscribing to high-quality and useful podcasts, which is iTunes:

Module 1: iTunes - How do I get it?
Module 2: iTunes - Finding Featured Podcasts by Topic
Module 3: iTunes - Finding Top Podcasts by Topic
Module 4: iTunes - Using Power Search
Module 5: iTunes - Subscribing and Unsubscribing to Podcasts

Creating and Sharing Podcasts Made by Teachers and/or Students

Creating podcasts is entirely inexpensive and quite easy to do. If you find yourself wanting to know more about creating podcasts, just contact your building Integration Specialist by e-mail or phone, and they will schedule a time to assist you!

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