Education on the MUVE: A Look at Multi-User Virtual Environments

An Introduction

In this session we will:

* Discuss various contexts from which to evaluate MUVEs

* Introduce examples of multi-user online environments

* Demonstrate the workings of a particular MUVE, that of "Second Life"

* Gather feedback from this session for future, potential possibilities

Several contexts are open for discovery and dicussion:

1.) Application of this concept into the personal aspects of a practicing teacher:

* Possible component of your "personal learning network"

* Gaining perspective for how a student might approach the use of technology

* Allows for us, the teacher, to stay current with the world of the student

* Adds to our vocabulary of possibilities and experiences


2.) Possibilities for incorporating into student learning experiences:

* Cross-curricular approaches (Art + Math + Science + History)

* Simulation

* Scavanger Hunt

* Fulfillment and enrichment of State Technology Standards (Designed world, Ethics of Technology, etc.)

3.) How students are approaching the idea of "play" in the 21st Century:

* Expectations are high for realism and "sandbox" design: SPORE Overview

* Must have a wider perspective than just the game itself (multi-player): CBS Article

* 21st century employers are getting in on the action: World of Warcraft and Your Career