Classroom Assessment and Analysis Practices

A Learning Community Focus

The Integration Team of Aurora City Schools has researched many facets of student assessment, and how those assessment results can be analyzed to provide information regarding how students are progressing in their learning.

This principle carries considerable importance as we reflect on the ideals of Learning Communities illustrated by the following questions:

1.) What do we need our students to know and be able to do?
(identifying the learning target; handled during curriculum writing efforts)

2.) How do we know they've learned it?
(the focus of this Assessment and Analysis section)

3.) What do we do for students who are ready to move on?

4.) How do we support students who haven't gained acceptable mastery of the indicator(s)?

Through our assessment and analysis efforts, we should arrive at information that illuminates what our students have and haven't learned. This helps us determine what we (as a District working together) need to do in order to ensure learning for all students.

Assessment and Analysis Resources

We have the following modules that are meant to offer some strategies and practices regarding classroom assessment and analysis:

Overview of Classroom Assesment (from the Ohio Department of Education)
Module 1: The Purpose of Assessment
Module 2: Validity and Reliability
Module 3: Test-Making Strategies

Accessing Pinnacle Analytics / Insight